Cretico represents a new villa marketplace which includes villa rentals from all over Crete. After a thorough investigation the Cretico team provides you a large amount of high quality villas in Crete, that could offer a dreamy accommodation and were worth to be listed and promoted as holiday rentals. That’s why Cretico platform was founded in November 2014. Cretico's advantage is that you contact directly the owners and that you book directly from them. Cretico is not only a villa rentals platform, but also a trusted community marketplace which will provide its visitors with all the relevant information and recommendations about the villa of their choice and the place in which the villa is located. Cretico blog is the mean to become a member of this community and meet the beauty of Crete even before visiting it.

Cretico’s website purpose is to present a great variety of holiday villas with private pool to choose from. Cretico’s high standards make it the best choice when searching for villas in Crete. Cretico's vision is to meet all requirements regarding villa rentals: mountain or sea view villas, luxurious or traditional or even a combination of all these. What makes Cretico a trusty leader in your journey in Crete, is that our team verifies that what you see is what you actually get. As Cretico is based in Crete, there was the ability to have a personal contact with the owners, visit their villas and photograph most of them. So it was possible to know first hand, whether their characteristics, facilities and hospitality respond to Cretico’s high standards.

In addition to the verifications, communication is the central axis around which the structure of Cretico has been developed. Both, the owner and the guest, create their own profile in Cretico. The owner is able to list his villa in the platform and be the manager of his property. Once a guest chooses a villa, he has the ability to contact directly with the owner by making an inquiry or a booking pending. The owner may answer, accept the booking or make a special offer to his potential guest. It is also possible for a user to create his profile in Cretico through his facebook account. By connecting his facebook account with Cretico, he makes his registration more easily and he becomes a member of the community along with his facebook friends who are already  members of Cretico.

Reviews and references are another important part of this website. After the end of the guest’s stay, Cretico asks from the guest as well as from the host to write a review one for each other. Reviews are very important, especially for the host. The host may also have a reference by a friend, about the hospitality and helpfulness he shows to his guests. These are just some of the benefits of the platform.    

The vision of Cretico team finally has been fulfilled: a selection of high quality villas around Crete that can offer everything that a traveler needs in our days. Now, full of pride, we are ready to introduce world Crete’s best villa marketplace and say with one voice: “This is Cretico from Crete!”