When you make a booking request, Cretico charges you a 30% deposit of the total cost of your stay, including Cretico's fees (6% on the final booking price). You pay the rest 70%, 30 days prior arrival. Once your booking is confirmed by the owner, your reservation is successful. If the host declines your request or just let it expire, you are refunded the amount of the money toy have given, with no extra charges.  

There are two payment methods:    1) PayPal      2) Credit Card 

You choose the best option for you when you are ready for the booking.

The net amount of payment is always transferred to the owner 24 hours after your arrival. This enables both parties to have time so as to make sure that everything is as expected. Cretico manages all your transaction in safety.

Once your payment is completed, an e-mail will be sent to you with your invoice attached. You may also download your invoice from your "Transaction History" in the "Reservations" page. The invoice will not appear unless your booking request is confirmed by the owner. If the owner does not confirm within 24 hours and there is no successful reservation, Cretico will arrange your refund. You can get informed about the integrated payments from your Transaction History any time you want.

In case of cancellation, we are here for you to refund the amount of money you are due to be given back according to the 
cancellation policy of the villa. Please read our Cancellation article.

NOTE: Please, always check the dates and the exact amount before the payment.

We would be happy to help you and answer to your questions, so please, contact us at support@creti.co