The easiest way is through your Calendar:

1)  Click on your name on the upper right hand-side of your screen.

2)  Visit your listing page and select your listing whose calendar you want to check.

On your calendar there are grey coloured, blue coloured and white coloured dates.

The Grey coloured dates with no prices on them are unavailable for booking dates.

A date might be unavailable for different reasons:

    • You have had a successful booking from another site whose calendar is imported to your Cretico listing calendar or you have simply set the dates as unavailable yourself.

    • You have set the dates yourself as unavailable directly from Cretico calendar.

The Blue coloured dates with no prices on them are unavailable, as they are Cretico's successful bookings.

All the other dates, the white coloured ones, are available for booking and you can receive a booking request or an inquiry about them at any time.

Each available day has a price on the bottom (price per night). Be sure that it is the right one.

It is important to keep each listing calendar of yours updated not only regarding their availability, but also their prices.

For more pricing details you can check the availability and prices by using the Availability and Pricing tool:

1)  Click on your name on the upper right hand-side of your screen. 

2)  Visit your listing page and select the listing you want to check.

3)  Select "Pricing" tab into "Basics".

On the bottom of the screen set the dates you want to check and see all the booking details ( extra fees,charges per guest, e.t.c.)

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