1)  Click on your name on the upper right hand-side of your screen.
2)  Visit your listings page and select the listing whose calendar you want to synchronise.

In your listings calendar page, under your calendar, there are two options:

1)  Import Calendar 

Calendar importing helps you to automatically keep your Cretico calendar updated from another external calendar like Homeaway, Flipkey, Airbnb or Google Calendar.

You will only need your provider calendar ICAL Url.

  • Click on "Import".
  • In the pop out window, in the first field, choose your provider.
  • In the second field, paste your provider’s ICAL Url.
  • Press "Save".

A message* will appear on your calendar page informing you about the success or the failure of the proccess..


Type: Google

Last Sync: 1 minute

Last Status: OK

2)  Export Calendar

Calendar exporting allows you to see your Cretico calendar on another external calendar that supports Ical format. 

Copy the link from the button "Copy link", which appears under your calendar and paste it into your external calendar.

NOTE:You can only sync the availability, not the pricing, as it cannot be synchronized. Keep each of your listing calendars updated. 
It is important for your guests to know when your villa is available for booking.


We would be happy to help you and answer to your questions, so please, contact us at support@creti.co.