Set unavailable dates on your calendar.

1)  Click on your name on the upper right hand-side of your screen. 

2)  Visit your listing page and select your listing whose calendar you want to edit.

You can either: 

  • Double click on any day on the calendar. In the pop up window, choose the period you want to set "Unavailable". 


  • Click on the first date and then click on the last date of the period. In the pop up window, just set the period "Unavailable" and press "Submit".


Unavailable dates are going to be grey colored with no prices on them as they cannot be booked from now on.

In case there are no reservations for a long time, there is the button "Update State" just above your calendar. You can click this button in order the guests to see on your villa's page that your calendar is updated.

When you set unavailable dates, you do not have to click this button, as it is updated automatically. 

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