1) Click on your name on the upper right hand-side of your screen.

2) Visit your listing page and select your listing whose calendar you want to check.


3) Select the period whose prices you want to define.

You can either:


  • Double click on any day on the calendar. In the pop up window, choose the dates of the period you want to define. In order the last date to be included, choose the next date.


          e.g. For the period  “From”: 1/7 “To”: 31/7 you choose “From”: 1/7 “To” : 1/8

                 in order the date 31/7 to be included.




  • Click on the first date and then click on the last date. This way, the period you want to define, will already be chosen in the pop up window.


4) After you have defined the period, choose: “Available”.

5) Type the new daily price and press “Submit”.


Once you do that, the daily price will appear on each day on the calendar for the defined period.


To remove the custom pricing, you follow the same procedure right from the beginning and you just set the daily price you have set in the “Pricing”.

Note: It is important to know that calendar prices override all the other prices (daily, weekly)

We would be happy to help you and answer to your questions, so please, contact us at support@creti.co.