In order to add a Payout Method:

1)  Click on your name on the upper right hand-side of your screen. 

2)  Visit your reservation page.

3)   In order to add a method select the  "Payout Preferences" tab.

There are two payout methods: 

  • Bank transfer  
  • PayPal

4)   Chose the one you want and click the button “Add a new payout method”.

5)   Fill in the pop out form, check it and click on “Submit” button.

The new payout method is now shown on the top of the page.

You can add more than one payment method of the same or different type.
Set as default the one you want to use.
You are able to change, edit or delete your methods any time you want.

In order to insert the invoice info

1)   Select the "Business details" tab and fill in the form with all the details of your business as they will appear on your invoice.

You will find the invoice in your Transaction History once the payment for a successful booking is completed.

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