As a guest:

In case you want to leave Cretico family, we would be very sorry, however, be sure that  you have the right to close your Cretico account at any time. if you are thinking about it, please, contact us first to see if there is anything we could do to help you.

Any bookings you have confirmed, as a guest, will be automatically cancelled. In this case, please, check the cancellation policy of the reserved villa(s) to see the financial consequences.

As a host:

If you are a host and you want to leave Cretico family by cancelling your account, we would suggest you not to do so, especially in case you have already confirmed bookings in your listing(s) as they will be automatically cancelled. Instead of it, you could set your listing(s) as unpublished or in case you don’t have the time to manage your account, Cretico team undertakes the management just with an increase of Cretico fees at 15%.

Please send us an email concerning your request, at .