If you, as a host, want to see all your messages :

1)  Click on the “Messages” icon on the upper -right hand side of the screen and the “Messages” page opens.

2) Click on the drop down and you can choose “All messages” for all the messages, “Unread” for the messages you haven’t opened yet or “Trush” for the deleted messages.

Message status meanings

  • Booking Pending” : A potential guest made a prepaid booking request for your accommodation  which you have to accept or decline within 24 hours.

  • “Inquiry” : A potential guest wants to contact you by making an inquiry to which you can answer, pre-approve or decline.

  • “Pre-approved” : A potential guest has tried to contact you by making an inquiry and you have pre-approved it.

  • “Special offer” : You have made a special offer to your potential guest after his inquiry.

  • “Accepted” : A reservation has been succeeded. This means that you have accepted a booking request or your guest has accepted your pre-approval or your special offer.

  • “Declined” : A reservation has not been succeeded. You have declined either a booking request or an inquiry. Also, a pending booking may have been declined automatically because you didn’t accept it within 24 hours.

In order to answer to a message, just click on it and it will open.


We would like to help you and answer to your questions, so please, contact us at   support@creti.co