Cretico’s goal is to build relationships of trust and reliability. This means that all Cretico members have to comply with the rules governing this relationship, otherwise, in some cases, Cretico is authorized to cancel an account. These rules are defined officially in the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and the Guest Refund Policy.


Generally, Cretico is based on the communication through its platform, so a Cretico user should have a specific behavior when contacting with another user through Cretico’s secure messaging system.

  • The content of the messages should always agree to respect and politeness which are essential to every type of communication, so any message with offensive and abusive content, should always be reported to Cretico.
  • The information provided through the messages should be real and accurate.
  • Your phone number, your e-mail or any other personal data which could lead the communication out of Cretico platform, should not be given through messages.
  • Consistency is very important for your communication through Cretico, so it is expected that you will respond to any message you receive, even if you don’t want to confirm a booking.




When a host creates his listing, he has to be careful regarding the information he provides in his listing.

  • The listing’s information should be reliable and mention all the relevant details, in order the guest to be sure that your accommodation responds to his demands. So, in order your listing to be completed, fill in as many listing fields as possible.
  • The photos you upload should reflect the reality as well as all the spaces of the villa clearly.
  • In the case that a listing has professional photographs taken by Cretico’s professional photographer,  you are not authorized to use or exploit them in any way.  


For any activities taken place out of the platform, such as bookings or cancellations, Cretico has not any liability and obligation for providing help.

We would be happy to help you and answer to your questions, so please, contact us at