Special offers can be made only by hosts and they concern a specific inquiry from the guest to the host.

Once the guest presses the "Contact Owner" button, he sends an inquiry to the host. The host can turn this inquiry into a special offer.

Special offer allows the host to set a different price for the specific period, change the dates of the inquiry or even to offer the guest a different villa. Special offers are like pre-approved inquiries. This means that the owner has already decided to accept the reservation and it is now on the guest's hand to accept the offer.

The host may change the price of the villa (e.g. a friendlier price for a long-term staying), change the dates of the accommodation or even suggest another villa option if it is available.

Hosts can pre-approve multiple guests' inquiries or make multiple Special Offers for the same dates. Both the inquiries and special offers do not reserve the dates in the calendar.The guest who accepts the offer first is the one who finally books the villa. Once the guest accepts the special offer he pays Cretico the total amount of the offer and all the other pending inquiries and special offers are automatically declined. If the specific dates for which the special offer has been made are already booked or if the host chooses to remove the offer, the guest will no longer see the option to book the reservation.

Note for the host: The host has to be careful when he makes a special offer, because if he then wants to cancel it, he has the chance to do it only if the guest has not already accepted it. 

Note for the guest: You always have to check the dates, the price and the villa name before you accept the special offer.

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