Reviews can be written only by Cretico users- either hosts or guests- after the end of the stay in a villa. Both, the host and the guest are given the possibility to write a review within 21 days after the guest’s departure. Whether you are the host or the guest, after the guest’s departure, Cretico will send you an email to inform you that you can leave your review to the other Cretico user.

In order to write a review, click on the “Leave a review” button from your email message or from the site notice on your dashboard. Then, fill in the review form.

  • In the first field, you can grade the quality of the stay, from one (1) to five (5) stars. One (1) star is the lowest and five (5) stars is the exgellent rate.

  • In the second field, give a descriptive title for your review. This title will be visible to all Cretico visitors.

e.g. "Excellent amenities", if you are a guest,  or

       "Really neat guests", if you are a host.

  • In the third field, you can publically write your review concerning the stay, so all the Cretico visitors will be able to read it and have a first clue of what to expect. If you are a guest, you can write about your opinion, experience, relevant ideas concerning the villa. If you are a host, you will let other hosts know what to expect from the specific guest(s).

  • In the fourth field, you can write a private review which will be visible only to the other part (either the guest or the host accordingly).

  • Finally, choose the "thumb up", if you suggest this collaboration to others, or you can choose "thumb down", if you do not feel happy about it.

Good reviews make user's profile more reliable and help villas to climb up the ranking list.

We would be happy to help you and answer to your questions, so please, contact us at