Cretico's main advantage is the direct communication between you, as a guest, and the host. 

There are two options: 1) either to communicate via Cretico or 2) communicate via your email.

Communication via email:

Once the host accepts/pre-approves/declines your inquiry, or just send you a message, you are notified by email. You have the ability to reply directly to this email.

After the reservation is confirmed, you may keep communicating with your host via email. 

Be careful!: There is not the ability of a direct reply to all email notifications

You can reply only to those with the blue header: "Respond to..... by replying to this message" 


You should not reply to those with the green-yellow header: "Please do not reply to this email; this address is not monitored.Please login and answer through your Cretico account".

We would be happy to help you and answer to your questions, so please, contact us at