In order to create a new listing, it is required that you have already created an account in Cretico. Once you have logged in your account, you have to follow some simple steps.

1) Click on your name on the upper right hand-side of the screen and then go to “Your Listings →Listings →Add a new villa”

2) When the “List your villa” tab opens, fill in all the required fields

  • "Title" : The title is the first impression that your listing makes to the potential guests  without to have seen any other details, so it has to be as descriptive  as you can and very attractive to them, in order to evoke their imagination. e.g. Two bedroom pool villa with wonderful sunset view.
  • "Bedrooms" : Give the exact number of the villa’s bedroom.
  • "Accommodates": Give the maximum capacity of your villa including all extra beds and couches in order to exploit all the available spaces of the house, but  also make your guests to feel comfortable.
  • "Area" : Give the exact name of the villa’s location.

3) Check the “agree” box referring to the terms and policies and then click on the “Save and Continue” button


4) Go to “Listing →Overview” and check the fields that you have already filled in before. “Bathrooms”, “Size” and “E.O.T. licence” are the new fields you have to fill in

5) Go to “Listing →Details” and fill in the fields

  • "Description" : Guests search for holiday rentals that meet specific requirements, so it is very important for them to know as much as possible about the  option they have. This means that a detailed description of your property will make the guest feel more confident about his choice. Your description should  refer to the character of the villa, its layout, its amenities, e.t.c. The description should be at least 15 words long. Just keep in mind that our most  successful listings are more than 150 words long.
  • "House Rules" : Inform guests about the rules you have set in order to know what to do or avoid doing during their stay.

6) Go to “Listing →Area” and fill in the fields

  • "Area" : The description of the area is as important as the description of the villa, so give it with as many details as you can. The geographical position (on  the mountain or close to sea), the character of the area (busy or isolated), e.t.c., are very useful information.
  • "Around" : Give the distances of important places regarding to the villa, such as airports, ports, hospitals, e.t.c., beaches, in general, the highlights of the  area.

7) Go to “Basics →Pricing” and fill in the fields

  • "Daily" : You should first set a basic price per night, so as your guest knows the exact amount of money he has to pay depending on how many days he  will stay in the villa.
  • "Weekly" : You may also set a weekly price which will be valid for a stay of seven and more days, unless you have set custom prices in your calendar. Custom prices overwrite weekly price which in turn overwrites daily price.

  • "Security deposit" : You can set a security deposit in case of a damage caused by your guest. Cretico holds the money from the guest and they are refunded to him unless you make a claim within 48 hours after the guest’s departure.

  • "Additional guests" : You are able to select a specific number of guests. Every guest more than this number will be charged extra. The extra charge is always per night and it is fixed for all seasons.

  • In the rest fields : Set the minimum number of nights that your villa can be booked, the check in and check out time and, finally select one of Cretico’s cancellation policies which will appear to your guests. Keep in mind that the more flexible the policy, the more attractive your villa is to the guests. For further details click on “Show More”.

  • "Availability and Pricing Tool" : Check any time your villa’s pricing for any season and see the price breakdown with all the details.You can also check the availability in order to be sure that your calendar is updated. Availability and prices can be also checked from your calendar.

8) Go to “Basics →Calendar

  • The daily price you have set before, already appears on the entire calendar. You are able to change the price from the calendar according to the season (seasonal pricesor set unavailable days. In Cretico you are also able to synchronize your calendar with other platforms in which your villa is listed. Remember that it is essential your calendar to be updated.

9) Go to “Other info →Photos”

  • Photographs are the most important part, as they are the vitrine of your listing. Every listing needs at least one photo. A bigger amount of high quality photos may attract more guests and help your villa climb up the ranking climax. The photos should be high resolution (at least 1050 x 700 pixels) and picture clearly and realistically every space of the villa both in the interior and the exterior. If you consider that your own photos are not satisfactory, then Cretico offers a professional photography for free.

10) Go to “Other info →Amenities”

  • Check the boxes with the amenities that your villa offers. If you want to add some more, then you can mention them in the description field.

11) Go to “Other info →Map”

  • Define the exact location of your villa. Click on “Update Address” in order to set the exact address of your villa, fill in the fields and press “Update” button. It is even better to update your map by clicking on “Update map” and insert latitude and longitude if they are known.

12) Go to “Other info →Upload your photo”

13) Go to “Other info →Verify your phone”

  • Verify your phone number if you haven’t done it yet.

14) Click on “Publish” button, when there is no step remaining and your villa is 
published. You are able to make any changes by visiting “Listings → Manage Properties”.

Note : It would be useful to be informed about the ranking factors that increase your listing’s ranking in search results.


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