The tourist industry is a field that can offer numerable happy moments and unforgettable experiences to those who become a part of it either as holiday rental owners or travellers. However, it can be risky when somebody doesn’t ensure that all the activities in which he will take part, will take place in a secure and legal environment.

That’s why paying and communicating only through the Cretico platform is important for making your booking experience positive and secure.


Payment transactions

 Cretico manages all your transactions  in safety by providing both the guest and host a number of advantages:



• In case of cancellation, you get your money back according to the Cretico’s cancellation policy of the villa.

• Cretico keeps your money safe and pays your host after 24 hours have passed since your arrival so as to give you the opportunity to check that everything goes smoothly.


The guest pays the whole amount of money once he books the villa so:

• In case of cancellation, you get your money back according to the Cretico’s cancellation policy you have chosen for your villa.

Payments outside the Cretico system are not secure. We cannot provide access to the above benefits when reservations are not booked directly through our website. In case that someone asks you to pay outside Cretico platform, don’t do it! Instead, please report it to us by sending an email to


As regards the communication between hosts and their guests, the world's largest Email Infrastructure as a Service provider will handle all Cretico's internal communication. The company has happy customers like Pinterest, Hootsuite, Foursquare, Spotify and many more. You can be sure that there will be no delay on the delivery of a message and its content will never be changed or deleted. We guarantee 100% that communication through Cretico platform will be reliable and spam free.


Cretico offers the opportunity to its guests to leave a review about their stay in an accommodation, as well as to its hosts to leave a review about  their guest. Reviews are very important, especially for a host, as they are taken into account by their potential guests.


Verification is essential in order to create an environment of confidence and trust for the owner and the client. In Cretico,  users  verify their  phone number and their e-mail (which they become known once a booking is confirmed) and they have to upload a profile photo in their profile. They can also create an account in Cretico by using their facebook account or, if they are already signed up in Cretico , they can connect their Cretico account with their facebook account. All these verification makes users to feel confident that the persons they communicate with, are real and that they won’t be exploited.

In addition, Cretico’s professional photographers visited and photographed most of the villa rentals, so as to confirm that both the accommodation and its owner respond to Cretico’s standards.


Don’t forget that whenever you use Cretico platform, Cretico’s service team will be there to help you and answer to your questions, so please, contact us at