Each villa has a quality score, which determines the ordering of Cretico’s search results. In order to calculate the score, we take many factors into account and we are constantly working on improving these results. So,the way the factors are used may be changed over time. We will be updating this article periodically in order to keep you informed.

As an owner you have the direct (e.g. updated calendar) or indirect (e.g. good reviews) control of all the factors.

The easiest thing you can do is to create an appealing listing:

  •  Be sure that you have filled in as many listing data as possible. By filling in all the fields, you will be given extra bonus.
  •  Upload high quality photos at least 1050 x 700 pixels. The quantity is also really important, so be sure you have uploaded photos from every space of the interior and exterior of the villa.

Note: Be sure you have given a descriptive title to your villa and all the necessary details for your guest’s accommodation.

Be a responsible host:

  • Keep your calendar informed. The best way is to synchronize your Cretico calendar with an already updated one. This will help you not only to improve your performance's rate but also to prevent you from receiving inquires which will be rejected.
  • Acceptance rate is also another factor. Frequent pre-approving and accepting bookings improve your quality score.
  • Always respond to your potential guests. Responding to your guests even with a simple message is better than nothing.
  • Responding time is also important. Respond them as soon as possible and don’t let them wait.

Note: Make as many reservations as possible through our site, as successful reservations are an important factor; however, you must always be careful before you accept a booking.

         Cancellation upon a guest is really unpleasant and it will count negatively for your ranking results.

Be a good host:

  • Make sure you are an understanding host so choose the most flexible cancellation policyso as to get a better quality score.
  • Provide your guests with the best experience. Good reviews from past guests will help you easily climb up the ranking list.

Build trust with your guests:

  • Verify your account. The more verifications, the more reliable your profile will be. (Verify your phone, Facebook, e.t.c.)

Note: Upload a real one photo profile and fill in the field: "Describe yourself" in your account.

We would be happy to help you and answer to your questions, so please, contact us at support@creti.co.